American Dignity’s first project is the feature-length documentary, “The Game Is Up: Disillusioned Trump Voters Tell Their Stories,” which we’ve been releasing in segments since late October, 2020. Partially funded by our network of small donors, it exemplifies the high standards we’ve set for all future endeavors – informative, thoroughly-researched, entertaining, and persuasive storytelling to help restore the honesty, dignity and decency that has been under assault in the age of Trump. Our mission is to help heal the divide between right and left, urban and rural, secular and religious, by reaching out to our better angels, encouraging bold action, and finding common ground.

Americans deserve dignity, transparency, and respect – both from our fellow citizens, and from our elected representatives. We all are heirs to the rights and protections bequeathed to us through the Constitution by the Founders. America is only as exceptional as We the People who comprise it.